Property Management

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We try to take the headache out of owning and managing your real property. Our staff handles all the day to day problems that crop up so you don’t have to.

No individual has the time and energy to keep up with constant law changes. We are constantly refining our procedures to stay as up to date as possible. Tenants have more rights now then ever. You not knowing their rights, can cost you huge amounts of money.

We follow a time tested procedure for dealing with nonperforming tenants that allows us to minimize your loss.

We use an extensive 1 year lease that’s been developed by our staff for the last 25 Years. It’s rare that a tenant is able to get out of our lease.

We have a large list of handy men available to help you maintain your property if you don’t have time yourself to make the repairs. Trusted Contractors are available for larger jobs, or projects requiring a permit.

We try to limit poor quality tenants from getting possession of your property. All our Tenants are screened by our experienced staff to try and weed out those individuals that don’t measure up to our standards.

You’ll get monthly updates with all the activity on your account, and end of year statements ready to be turned over to your accountant.

We have clearly defined standards that dictate how we deal with a tenants issues, and who’s responsible to pay for them. Too often tenants take advantage of kind hearted landlords who don’t know how to say NO!

When it comes time to sell your investment property, our brokerage will help make your 1031 exchange as smooth as possible, including transitioning the tenant out of the property if necessary.